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Creative Strategies that Produce Measurable Results

The market for technical talent today is demanding that companies adapt to more-and-more non-traditional work strategies. Retaining and attracting workers through traditional means will continue but in order to meet the resource goals, a more diversified plan is necessary. Free Agents works with organizations to develop and implement talent engagement plans that are manageable, measurable and draw from the entirety of the talent pool.


Resisting a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, Free Agents makes sure that the plan fits the specific needs of the Client, including scalability, timelines and management. Additionally, because Free Agents is a neutral party, our evaluation and recommendation of tools, vendors and process management assures that the investment the Client makes achieves the specific goals set forth in the plan. Let Free Agents work with your team to develop a strategy that really works.


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Small Intervals
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Making the Connections

Programs that Support the Talent and the Client Need

Clients, the Vendors who service them, and the Independent Contractors whose specialty skills augment both, all seek a relationship that is built on mutual respect, open communication and trust. Additionally, they all seek to fully understand what needs to be done, how the Client wants it done and why. Often though, Vendor choices are not vetted or measured and the Client success is impacted. Free Agents believes a more thoughtful pattern of evaluation, communication and feedback cultivates a more positive and involved relationship and builds a loyalty between the partnered entities.


Whether it is a large-scale Managed Vendor Service program or a Start-ups first Vendor list, thorough evaluation ensures a good fit. And these relationships are strengthened through purposeful and timely feedback and Free Agents builds this into the programs it implements. Also knowing the performance against the goals, regardless of tools or Vendors, helps the Clients with necessary pivots or shifts throughout the life cycle of the initiative. Free Agents is ready to help your organization, whether Client, Vendor or Independent, make connections to meaningful work.

Connecting People with Meaningful Work!

Strategic to Tactical

From Plan to Execution

Free Agents believes that true talent solutions are crafted to solve a particular set of resource goals. Some of these initiatives are focused on high-volume hiring, some on specialty skills, and many are focused on spend control and vendor management. Often we see Clients implement solutions from Vendors that tell them what they get versus ones that ask them what they want. The outcomes are not what the Client had initially desired to achieve.
Free Agents approach to this is to understand the needs, craft a solution specifically designed to meet those needs, aid in its deployment, and ensure the results are measured and reported. From simple connections of independent contractors to the clients that need them to complex enterprise level managed vendor solutions, Free Agents can help. Our experiences, capabilities and broad network make us uniquely qualified to solve your resource dilemma.


Understanding the Client need is the most important step to fulfillment.

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Programs and even searches have common features, but aren’t all the same.



Implementing the strategy as well as any tools that can support it’s success.



Assuring consistent and repeatable performance through managed execution.


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Free Agents is always looking for new companies to work with and each one represents a chance to help evolve the resource acquisition strategy to include all of the talent pool. 

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Whether you are an independent contractor looking to engage with new clients, a small consulting firm expanding your practice, or even a traditional staffing firm looking for new opportunities, Free Agents is ready to help.